Fa Yuen Street Market 花园街街市 – Hong Kong’s wet market & cooked food stalls

market stalls

market stalls

after an excellent late roast goose & congee lunch at fu kee congee 富记粥品, followed by equally enjoyable dessert at hoe kee dessert 浩记甜品馆, we walked back along fa yuen street 花园街.

fa yuen street market

fa yuen street market 花园街街市

& saw the fa yuen street market 花园街街市.

market stalls

market stalls

the dry goods stalls & stalls selling braised duck, chicken, pigeon, roast meats & char siew were at one end.

we were quite attracted to the char siew (but later poor experiences made me decide never to take char siew & siew yoke in hong kong) & also the braised meats, but we were mindful that we were going for late dinner afterwards & should not overload ourselves & spoiled the appetite.

a friend wanted to buy pork & liver sausage. there were many stalls selling that, but he did not know the prices nor had confidence in the stalls.

i later brought him to 楼上 at lippo sun plaza level 5 (a dry goods retail chain) where he bought lots of pork & liver sausage 肝肠腊肠.

market stalls

market stalls

& in the middle there were the wet market stalls selling live fish & seafood (top photo & above).

on 12.1.2016, we were around looking for dessert shops.

hoe kee dessert 浩记甜品馆 was closed 2 days in the row.

we were not interested in the guilingao龟苓膏like hoitintong 海天堂 etc. we saw that fa yuen street market 花园街街市 had levels 2 & 2 cooked food stalls. thinking they were like singapore hawker/food centres, we happily went up.

but actually their cooked food centre houses daipaitongs 大排档. there were like 6 daipaitongs 大排档 selling the zi char dishes, not a bad idea, just that we were wanting desserts.

c.h.e.f andy


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