100,058 Hits on 4Apr2014

steamed razor clams with garlic (beautiful photo taken by Jeanette at 6.10.2012 homecooked dinner)

steamed razor clams with garlic (beautiful photo taken by friend at 6.10.2012 homecooked dinner)

my blog reached its first 100,000 hits on 4.4.2014. that’s about 13months from start on 4.3.2013.

some 85% were from singapore, the rest 15% from 116 countries (below).

currently blog is running like 13,000 hits/mth, so i should be getting past 200,000 hits by end 2014. 🙂

as stated in earlier posts, i started this food/travel blog for my personal enjoyment, recollections, relishing & sharing moments of joy & get-togethers/fellowship with family & friends.

that is still my primary motivation. (see also why i blog & my guidelines & perspectives)

it is of course rewarding if others should find the posts useful & fun reading. 🙂

thank you everyone for stopping by.

c.h.e.f andy

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Thai Style Curry Fish Head @ Forture Restaurant on 3Apr2014

thai style fish head curry _ S$25

thai style fish head curry _ S$25

had not been to this old holland road coffeeshop 金山岭 for years.

used to love the thai style curry fish head at forture restaurant (still do!), and also the chilli crab many years back, basically because they were good & cheap then. for a while ah yat @ turf city was having 50% weekday discounts (now 40%) and the crab at ah yat at the time (up to 3 – 4 years back) were like S$19.90/kg after discount for indonesian crabs, which was cheaper than the S$26/kg at forture, and ah yat served very cheap seafood like bamboo clams (still does), so only dish that stood out at forture was the thai style fish head curry.

decided to go with a friend to take the fish head  on 3.4.2014 after the long lay off. fish head still very fresh & curry was great. the hor fun though was not good. disappointing really, usually quite good when i “da pao” (take out).


hor fun – S$3.50


hor fun – S$3.50


old holland road coffeeshop 金山岭

thai style fish head curry - S$25

thai style fish head curry – S$25

my friend paid for dinner which came to just below S$30. the hot fun was S$3.50, so the fish head must be like S$25 (far cry from the time when it was S$15 & i came often), plus we had 1 rice to share & also the towels. my friend asked for water & the charge was S$0.40.

i guess price was ok. the 1/2 fish head was a large one. it was fresh & the curry was tasty, but taking it after so many years, it was unique but really no better than assam fish head & indian curry fish head – both have more kick than this one. also considering that the spicy bean sauce song fish head at honk kong street cost S$18 (though this one here had vegetables with the curry), S$25 was not cheap.

it was satisfying nonetheless, but the allure was gone. i can have this sometimes & enjoy it, but i can do without too.

c.h.e.f. andy


Very Average Bakuteh @ Lau Ah Tee (老阿弟) Whampoa on 3Apr2014


went to boon keng/whompoa area to get something.

so dropped by to have bakuteh @ lau ah tee (老阿弟). this used to be my 2nd favourite after rong chen at sin min. but last time i went rong chen, somehow the taste had changed? or my taste changed?


anyway they ran out of prime ribs (排骨) so only have pork ribs (肉骨). sorry to say this was not even as good as the bakuteh i do at home.  the ribs i bought from sheng shiong were much better, more tender, sweeter & tastier, though i think their soup still better than my packet ones.

so far, ng ah sio bakuteh @ chui huay lim & song fa @ new bridge road are still the better ones i had recently. i will probably have to try the prime rib here at lau ah tee & also at rong chen again to decide.

c.h.e.f andy