Raw Fish Salad & Porridge @ Tiong Shian on 28Jan2014

raw fish S$6

raw fish S$6

had a not so satisfying tapas dinner with a friend at tapasan, dorsett hotel on 28.1.2014. tiong shin at kiong siak street was just a short walk away, i called my wife & asked if she wanted me to taboo (takeout) some raw fish & porridge for her.

the stall that we went often in the past was at maxwell hawker centre. tiong shin was quite good for the raw fish but a tad less good for porridge c/w maxwell. 🙂

meat balls & lean pork porridge

meat balls & lean pork porridge S$4

58430_10152161193684494_215095430_n 1656131_10152161193814494_883050181_n

anyhow, i tapao a S$6 raw fish & a S$4 meat balls & sliced prok porridge, that is, after  a very long 25mins wait. fortunately i was not in a hurry & we just stood & chatted, waiting for the food preparation.

the raw fish was excellent!

the porridge was not smooth & consistent like a good hong kong porridge or those i could have at imperial treasure & also maxwell. still it was very enjoyable. there was large helping of minced pork & lean pork too.

we especially enjoyed the raw fish as we had not taken that for a real long while. anyhow i will try the maxwell stall again next round to remind myself what it tastes like & to make comparison with tiong shian. 🙂

after collecting the take-out, we walked back to my car parked at bukit pasoh. as chinese new years was just few days away, chinatown was already litted up. i took couple photos of the light-up, decorated with many galloping horses to usher in the chinese new year. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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