Very Nice Coffee @ Coffee Now Here on 2Nov2015

flat white

flat white

a RI friend organised a makan & coffee eat-drink together on 2.11.2015. ^^

first we had the recently buzzing  ah hoe meepok at blk 710, clementi west street 2 by the japanese 18yr old girl & her father.

after a very satisfying bowl of meepok dry & soup, we proceeded to coffee nowhere (or pronounced coffee now here) at west coast plaza.

it’s the singapore outlet of a cafe that started in johore only 2 years back in dec2013. the name is supposed to evoke like when you are lost (nowhere) & then you are found (now here), i guess discovery of a place you have a connection with?? whatever!

they have 4 different ways of brewing coffee etc, and also sells coffee beans, coffee related products & offer barista training.

cafe mocha

cafe mocha

we were just coming here to relax & chill la! 🙂

& the coffee was good! so we make a great find by accident, well actually recommended by this organiser friend who also trying the place first time.

the same guy that brought me to aeiou for a good cuppa. we been hanging out a bit lately.

cafe mocha

cafe mocha

it happens to be a monday, and monday happens to be the day with 1 for 1 promotion. we ended up ordering 9 coffees for about S$35, not bad!

(btw i think the normal price is too ex w/o the one for one promo & i would not come here as there are so many good coffee places)

we were reading the promo advertising panel at the entrance to the cafe & the website but our ancient brains did not quite follow. it’s always easier to just ask. although in this case the servers (more than 1) seem just as confused how the promo works, whether we need to first spend S$30.

anyhow we got the promo instantly so not complaining except that we had 9 & ordered 5 coffees + 4 free, and only thought we should have gotten 5 free afterwards (i know what my son will say)…what a good laugh…hahaha!

nice coffee

nice coffee

i am quite surprised the coffee was really good. my flat white was very smooth & coffee had rich aroma. i had a very good flat white at habitat in upper thomson (my family favourite but just first time for me). we were rushing & bought takeaway so i did not take photos. i thought coffee nowhere was about the same.

the other great coffee place i had good coffee –

carpenter & cook has great pastries & assembly coffee has a great lemon meringue pie.

c.h.e.f andy


Coffee Nowhere

address: West Coast Plaza, 154 West Coast Road #B1-06/07 s127371

tel : 9090 4332

opening hours:

Mon-Sun:10:00 am-10:00 pm


Wonderful Homecooked 11pax Dinner on 22Jan2015

wife's pumpkin tofu salad

#1 wife’s pumpkin tofu salad

made 1 of my best dinners on 22.1.2015. ^^

invited a few close friends. my weekly running partner brought his son, and my dentist friend brought his daughter.

also invited my god sis & her husband.

this time, i reverted to a sit-down course dinner. for a start, i served 3 dishes as tapas.

#1 we had an excellent pumpkin tofu salad. this was my wife’s creation. my helper toasted the pumpkin & fried & cut the tofu & mixed in the extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt & agave nectar the night before, and my wife tossed in the rockets just before starting dinner. 🙂

miso cod

miso cod

#2 miso cod is my god sis’ favourite. she mentioned it so many times. ^^

i have not made it for a long time as my wife prefers the texture & taste of plain grilled cod. i had it in the oven for a tad too long but managed to rescue it, only had to take off most of the skin. still it was excellent to my taste, both the firmer texture & also the miso flavour. my god sis liked it very much & had 2 servings. i liked it as much as the plain grilled cod & slightly better than my teriyaki cod. this dish was prior done about 1 hr before dinner.

#3 the tagliata di manzo (using 150D grain-fed ribeye) was really quite excellent this evening, very well charred for maillard reaction. i did the steak only when all guests had arrived. also seasoning the rockets & cherry tomatoes with olive oil & balsamic vinegar was done just before plating & serving so they would not be soggy. plating was a bit rushed & not ideal this evening.

#4 after the 3 tapas, i served the lobster bisque, very nice mellow & intense flavours with good amount of brandy, not too creamy. very nice. my friend’s daughter took a second serving.

#5 lamb is usually not such a favourite among my dinner guests, but my friend’s daughter loves lamb, so i did 1/2 a rack of pistachio crusted lamb. i bought at mmmm at west coast plaza & the lady instead of cutting 1/2 rack started to cut out 2 slices before i could stopped her. so i had to improvise & used a kitchen twine to hold the 1/2rack together. again i have not done this for a while but the rack turned out very well. i managed to cut 5 pieces. my friend’s daughter had 2 helpings, my friend’s son & another 2 friends had the lamb.

lobster spaghetti

lobster spaghetti

#6 lobster spaghetti was just splendid this evening! very tasty & good chunks of lobster meat (i used 2x375g frozen lobster from cold storage). the lobster head & tomalley (liver etc) were excellent. i thought though using capellini (angel hair) i did previously would be better both in looks & texture.

"monterosso miky" seafood risotto

“monterosso miky” seafood risotto

#7 my own version of  “monterosso miky” seafood risotto was wonderful this evening. very very tasty, with excellent lobster & prawn stock balanced with lots of vegetables. the carnaroli rice i bought at stresa, lake maggiore was excellent & the texture was just al dente. 🙂

squid ink manila clams with squid spaghetti

squid ink manila clams with squid spaghetti

#8 the squid ink pasta was also very good. i had squid & lots of manila clams which were plump & succulent. i agreed with my wife though that the manila clams were much better done the asian zi char style with curry leaves & olive oil, & lose some of the distinct taste & flavours, and tasted only like good littleneck clams “la la” in this preparation.

japanese A4 wagyu - this was soooo good.

#9 japanese A4 wagyu – this was soooo good.

japanese A4 wagyu

japanese A4 wagyu

#9 i had a japanese A4 wagyu which was better served as a separate dish than together with the tagliata di manzo & rockets. the 150D grain fed ribeye earlier was very good, but this was par excellence!^^

#10 we rounded off with my tofu cheese cake, as good as always. ^^ wonderfully light texture, mildly sweet sour with lumen juice, yogurt, whipped cream, silken tofu & cream cheese, & a nice biscuit base.

i was just happy to have the cosy, warm get-together with my close friends, and very happy & satisfied with the dishes & dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy