Nasi Lemak @ Selara Rasa Stall No2 Adam Road on 4Aug2014

went with son to his favourite nasi lemak at adam road food centre, selara rasa, on 4.8.2014.

the sign proclaimed no.1 nasi lemak though the address was no.2 adam road.

it’s a monday & stall no.1 was closed. at 11.30am the queue was the usual 10+ pax. the other day when i fetched son from airport on 18.7.2014, we came here slightly earlier just before 11am on a friday. no2 stall was closed then & no. 1 was open & there was no queue, but soon after us the queue grew to 10pax. my son said no.2 stall usually has the longer queue.

selara rasa has a few creative touches. there is a LED ticker that says “self service” & “closed on friday” etc. the menus shows like fish meal, chicken meal, full house, royal flush & royal rumble. full house includes chicken wing & ikan kuning, royal flush adds on begedil & royal rumble adds on otak. anyway on this day there’s no fish so we ordered a chicken meal each & added another chicken wing each & my son added otak.

having tried both stalls, my personal preference is for stall no.1. apart from what 1 reviewer identified – that stall no. 1 serves kacang, but not stall no.2, i concluded that the reason i preferred stall no. 1 was (1) chicken wing batter for stall no.2 was too thick & crispy for my liking (2) stall no.2’s chilli was sweeter & less spicy than stall no. 1. those however were the reasons my son prefer stall no. 2, and it seems that more also prefer no.2 to no.1, so this a very subjective personal preference. also for me, ikan kuning is a key item i want in my nasi lemak, so no fish, no thrill. lol. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy