Nice Vietnamese pho & cold beehoon lunch @ Saigon Baguette on 17Nov2015

vietnamese makan

vietnamese homelies

went to my good friend’s clinic at central for a dental follow-up on 17.11.2015.

mei mei was working afternoon shift starting at 2pm. i got an extra 8″ springform cake tin to pass to her, so we arranged to have lunch at saigon baguette at central. ^^

saigon baguette3


i was first at saigon baguette at 12pm, but by 1230pm most tables were taken up.

saigon baguette2


a small, cosy, pleasant ambience.


S$9.90 pho (pronounced “fur”)

they had a lunch set comprising a main, a side & drink at S$14.90. it included mains like the beef combo pho at S$9.90 & the vietnamese grilled pork at S$10.50. the drinks were like S$2.50 & S$3 etc, so the S$14.90 set was pretty ok.

i ordered a vietnamese drip coffee. they said they do inside & served me a black coffee like at coffeeshop. i asked for sugar on the side. coffee was nicely flavoured not sour so i did not add any & took it black.


S$9.90 pho (pronounced “fur”)

the pho (& the garnishes) were good. soup was excellent, a very delicate, light, fragrant sweetness. i thought the serving of ingredients were small for S$9.90 dish. overall quite a light, enjoyable dish. we didn’t want too much carbs also.

rice rolls

rice rolls

we ordered 1 side for each set.

rice rolls2

rice rolls

the rice rolls were good, and quite nice with the sauce. skin was thin & smooth, prawn was fresh, competent la.

deepfried chicken wings

deep-fried chicken wings

deep-fried chicken wings were a bit dry. just the chicken wings alone, my helper does it much better (& sometimes i do also myself). what was interesting was the caramelised garlic. we usually take with thai sweet chilli sauce at home. the caramelised garlic was no better (in fact i still prefer thai sweet chilli dip) but maybe i will try that a t home – chopped garlic & honey? caramelised. 🙂

vietnamese grilled pork & srping rolls on beehoon2

S$10.50 vietnamese grilled pork & spring rolls on beehoon

the mildly sweet fish sauce condiments that came with the dry beehoon was very good. but actually also not better than my own la…

vietnamese grilled pork & srping rolls on beehoon

S$10.50 vietnamese grilled pork & spring rolls on beehoon

the spring rolls & the grilled pork which was basically i guess home-made pork balls like the beef balls were good especially with the chilli on the table.

but really my own vietnamese chargrilled pork neck cold beehoon + condiments still better la…


S$9.90 pho (pronounced “fur”)

food was good, nothing really special.

comparing the pho, i would prefer the S$9.50 combo pho at mrs pho (it had briskets!).

likewise comparing the vietnamese grilled pork dry cold beehoon also, mrs pho’s was better!

the S$14.90 lunch was quite good value.

the ala carte prices were ok for the food.

anyway, great lunch with mei mei. she bought me some curry puffs too.

c.h.e.f andy


Saigon Baguette (The Central Mall)

Address: #01-58/59,  The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 059817


Daily: 11:00 – 10:00