Liking it more & more @ Ah Hoe Mee Pok on 3Feb2016

ah hoe bakchormee wed 11.15am

ah hoe meepok wed 11.15am

did my usual 10km run with my good friend at ulu pandan jogging track at faber heights this morning on 3.2.2016. ^^

after water, 100plus & coffee chat, was on the way home nearing 11am & decided to pop in at ah hoe mee pok.

i have tried the japanese father-daughter stall at blk 710 2 times already.

wanted to try the brother’s stall at blk 713. however they only open at 11.30am & i was at the stall at 11.07am.

back to blk 710 then! i like the meepok but i am not really into queueing or waiting for long periods unless with good friends/fellowship.

there was only 1 guy in front of me at blk 710 at 11.15am on a wed. suited me fine. 🙂

S$5 ah hoe bakchormee

S$5 ah hoe meepok

they had the teochew prawn version instead of mushroom sauce. i am a sticker of what i know. maybe wait for friends to tell me what that version taste like. so it’s the usual mushroom sauce “tai hwa”  bakchormee for me.

ah hoe bakchormee

S$5 ah hoe meepok

i am really getting to like this more & more.

very tasty noodles, and lots of ingredients.

ah hoe bakchormee wed 11.25am

ah hoe meepok wed 11.25am

took another photo after i sat down & having my noodles. 🙂

blk 710 coffeeshop 11.25am

blk 710 coffeeshop 11.25am

the coffeeshop was bright & airy. no crowd yet.

S$5 ah hoe bakchormee

S$5 ah hoe meepok

i am really enjoying this & sending friends photos on whatsapp.

c.h.e.f andy