Chawanmushi & Steak Don Dinner

chawanmushi 茶碗蒸

chawanmushi 茶碗蒸

i had some marinated miso salmon belly in the chiller for 2days. was thinking what to match for dinner & decided to do a don.

to accompany the don, i thought maybe do a chawanmushi. i have not done chawanmushi before so googled & found this chawanmushi recipe at

i did not have dashi or chicken stock, so just used 2cups water & added 2tsp mirin, 2tsp light soy sauce, 1tsp sugar (basically to taste) & whisked with 3 eggs.

i marinated prawns & chicken breast & placed them in a ramekin. also added shitake mushrooms & scallops.

& steamed for 15mins.

chawanmushi 茶碗蒸

chawanmushi 茶碗蒸

texture was perfect, very light and very tasty. ingredients were steamed just right. of course cannot c/w a good crab chawanmushi like that at hachi.

but otherwise, it was a really good standard chawanmushi. beginner’s luck on first attempt! ^^

beef miso salmon belly scallop don

beef miso salmon belly scallop don

i had some 150D grain-fed black angus striploin in the freezer leftover from my last 12pax homegourmet dinner. i did the usual high fire with fat & a bit of butter on my heavy stainless steel pan until it was chargrilled to produce the maillard reaction to give it flavour (as they say, no colour no taste). i flipped once & charred the other side using the finger test for medium rare. 🙂

& i had some scallops in the freezer too. i started the scallops on hot olive oil in a non-stick pan & turned to medium low & covered. when they were grilled i turned them over & grilled the other side. 🙂

beef miso salmon belly scallop don

beef miso salmon belly scallop don

not forgetting the miso salmon belly.

i placed the miso salmon belly on a rack covered with aluminium foil which i poked holes with a knife to drain any liquids so the the salmon belly would be dry oven grilled, and placed it in a preheated 250degC oven for 15mins. 🙂

for the sushi rice, i used 1 cup sushi rice for 3pax added 1.5tsp mirin, 1.5tsp sushi vinegar, 1 tsp tsuyu (basically to taste). rice was very good but keeping low on carbs. ^^

beef miso salmon belly scallop don

beef miso salmon belly scallop don

the flavours of the beef was excellent. scallops were good too, and the miso salmon belly was super!^^

the sushi rice was perfect too, nicely vinegared sticky but not too wet & overcooked.

c.h.e.f andy

Scrumptious Homecooked Lunch for 30+pax on 25Jul2015

youngest daughter was celebrating an important occasion & invited 30 friends to the house on 25.7.2015.^^

we had a really wonderfully scrumptious family-cooked lunch for her friends.

we did 13 delectable dishes!^^

& her friend made a professional pastry chef standard 2-tier cake. 🙂

wife's PIMMS

wife’s PIMMS cocktail

wife also made a PIMMS cocktail!^^

wife's PIMMS

wife’s PIMMS cocktail

i cannot hold liquor but i liked it very much & took maybe 5 or 6 cups & a bit drunk afterwards. 🙂

#1 wife made a lovely pumpkin tofu salad, something she picked up from marmalade after dining there. 🙂

#2 i did a vietnamese chargrilled pork cold beehoon. 🙂

we recently had this dish at mrs pho. i would think that my version was just as good. 🙂

#3 & i made a chicken ballotine.

#3 i steamed the first batch of 2 for 15mins. it was slight overdone.

the second batch i reduced to 12mins. & this was quite perfect! tender, juicy, flavourful.^^

helper's chicken nuggets

#4 helper’s chicken nuggets

#4 my helper did the chicken nuggets. pretty good too. 🙂

helper's deepfried chicken wings

#5 helper’s deepfried chicken wings

#5 & her chicken wings are a perennial favourite. 🙂

#6 i did a thai red curry sotong.

this the first time i cooked this dish. i fried in butter the sotong (squid) like i did for my flamed squid in spinanch veloute, but w/o flaming it (too tedious for quantity for 30+pax!). i tasted the sotong & it was excellent. i made the red curry gravy using the dancing chef’s ready mix with some cut yellow onions. the curry was just superb, so the combination was just crazy, a clear winner!^^

#7 for the chicken thigh, i pan-grilled on a very hot stainless steel pan. it was perfect, and daughters’ friends walloped the 6 pieces of deboned thighs from 3 chicken in double quick time. 🙂

unlike the red curry dish, for this yellow curry, i made it as a sauce similar to busaba’s to-die-for grilled chicken green curry fried rice.^^

there was actually an egg fried rice dish (which was also pretty good) to accompany the thai chicken & sotong curries but i did not have a photo.

#8 wife made an excellent creamy tomato pasta. she usually use crayfish from chinatown & for me it’s the best pasta ever.

this time, we could not get crayfish at chinatown so she used large prawns as proxy. 🙂

helper's sausage pasta

#9 helper’s sausage pasta

#9 & my helper made her crowd favourite cheese sausage spaghetti.

the whole family like this & all my children’s friends who came to the house previously all enjoyed this pasta by my helper. 🙂

#10 i made an excellent squid ink spaghetti this time, no errors, no horrors, no misses, simply fabulous, par excellence!

very nicely creamy, i added butter (only when tossing with fire off! – you don’t want to boil the butter).^^

& fantastic colour, al dente pasta & irresistible squid ink flavour with wonderful chicken stock & squid.

#11 & the tagliata di manzo had my daughter’s friends swooning & asking for more.

in the end i cooked a second portion, total 4x300g = 1.2kg of 150D grain-fed black angus ribeye.

birthday cake

birthday cake

daughter’s friend made her a totally professional pastry chef standard 2-tier cake.

birthday cake

birthday cake

plus lemon tarts & also cup cakes. every cake item was just fabulous! 🙂

#12 i made my usual tiramisu.

it was as good as ever. daughter’s friends finished an entire tub. ^^ i had a spare tub though. there was too much cake already so we saved that.

& my daughter arranged a photo booth which was a lot of fun, & her friends came in all kinds of costumes.

the photo booth guy just finished national service & is going to london for further studies. that’s what young people do a lot these days, with internet & social media offering excellent reach, connectivity & empowerment! 🙂

what a simply incredible, most enjoyable & memorable occasion to be savoured.

c.h.e.f andy