Dr Matthias Committee 6pax Lunch @ Hoang Hau on 7Oct2022

dr matthias committee met for 6pax lunch @ hoang hau vietnamese restaurant by leng khiang on 7.10.2022.^^

this committee’s first outing over 2 yrs…:-)

the rice paper rolls…were great…nice dip sauce and the belly pork done well.

eel porridge is a north vietnamese dish..even cheow ghee 5 yrs in hcmc not tried before. it is unique and really good, and so much ingredients, prepared very fresh live eels..a really excellent dish.

lobster bun is perfect dish…live lobster fresh and sweet, and the lobster tomalley (liver, roe etc) totally infused into the beehoon..

(bun is beehoon in vietnamese..as in bun cha, one of the most popular vietnamese dish beehoon with ngor hiang and pork)

this dish even better than the best lobster pasta I had, which is at 8picure…

the jap wagyu was excellent too..and perfectly grilled and matched with the king oyster mushrooms…

had a really enjoyable lunch with RI bros and friends.

c.h.e.f andy


Hoàng Hâu Vietnamese Restaurant


146 01, 1090 Jalan Bukit Merah, Block 146, 160146




Opening hours:

daily (closed mon)11am–2:30pm5:30–8pm

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