Aunty Bes Birthday Celebrations @ Luka on 23Apr2022

aunty bes going back Philippines next week over her birthday on 23.4.2022.^^

so children organise early bd party for her @ luka

excellent food

the A4 Jap wagyu @ $35/100g was superb!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

calamari one of the best I had, really good batter

squidink & crabmeat pasta among the best I had…nice creamy excellent squidink flavours perfect aldente texture ..crabmeat also very tasty..

mentaiko ikura pasta too overly creamy & a bit fishy

the hotaruika fire squid risotto was again excellent very tasty & flavourful ..

carpaccio was good & the 2 pizza very good too very nice dough..the truffle better than salami.

best dish = jap A4 wagyu, squidink and risotto…

c.h.e.f andy


 Restaurant Luka – Cross Street Exchange


20 Cross Street Exchange 01-36, 048422



Opening Hours:

daily (closed Sunday)12–2:30pm5:30–10:30pm

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