2ScA Gang Dinner Gathering at LWS Home – Delectable Dishes form GuMaJia on 7Mar2022

LWS invited 2ScA gang for dinner at his place..on 7.3.2022.^^

we had a introduction to his feathery friends….

food from 姑妈家very good, many delectable dishes…


the assam fish head especially a huge portion very good tasty👍🏻

lala beehoon good too..and the oyster egg..so was the prawn paste chicken

hae chor, 排骨王etc quite ok

& prices reasonable …so about hk street Chun Kee standard and prices maybe cheaper even…

this 姑妈家 must go often 😎

excellent evening especially catching up with hoonie, and MF, BC etc who I have not met for like 10 yrs liao….

c.h.e.f andy


Gu Ma Jia


45 Tai Thong Cres, Sennett Estate, Singapore 347866


Place Order Here


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri11am–2:15pm5:30–9:30pm
Sat – Sun11am–9:30pm

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