Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 21Dec2021

brother delivered homecooked dinner on 21.12.2021.^^

nice comfort food.

c.h.e.f andy


RI Bros Homegourmet Christmas Dinner & LCM Birthday Celebrations on 20Dec2021

made 6pax RI bros Christmas dinner on 20.12.2021.^^

bought small cake from chataraise Clementi Mall for cheok mung early birthday


  1. grilled hokkaido scallop on cauliflower puree (on spicy tomatoes for SCG)
  2. grilled prawn arabiata (spicy tomatoes) capellini
  3. “Christmas turkey” – tea smoked kampung chicken barley risotto (1/2 chicken)
  4. other 1/2 chicken on truffle mash
  5. sous vide aussie pork chop in red wine tomatoes ratatouille
  6. slow roast aussie prime ribs
  7. seafood squidink pasta

SCG brought excellent homemade nangka jackfruit ice cream and cut jackfruits

yew foo brought grapes & also washed dishes afterwards 🙏😎


SK..thanks for the sumptuous dinner! The squid ink pasta deserved a special mention. Also to Chye Guan for the delicious ice-cream. Nangka happened to be one of my favorite fruits! And guys thanks for the wonderful company! …not forgetting advance birthday greetings to Cheok Mung! Thanks


Ditto… Thanks SK for the delicious 😋 dinner as usual. The pork prime ribs were really tasty 👅

And so was the scallops appetiser. Thanks YF for the crunchy grapes 🍇

Happy happy birthday to LCM 🥳🎉


Hi CHEF, thanks for the usual sumptuous food served whenever you host one. Another great evening to remember. Surprised with the advance birthday celebration for LCM. All in all, just a simply enjoyable time. Thanks.


Once again many thanks, SK, for a great evening of mouth watering food and great camaraderie. Thanks also to SCG for the “manka” ice cream, YF for the grapes and LCM for a reason to enjoy a birthday 🎂 cake! And the many laughs … And wishing all 这两年很好, 接下去顺顺利利, 然后笑口常开


A wonderful evening, thanks c.h.e.f. for your hospitality, food was delicious, the crunchy grapes and best creamy ice cream 😋Thanks everyone for the company and the surprise birthday cake, you guys are unbeatable!!

c.h.e.f andy

2pax Dinner with Wife @ Sichuan Douhua UOB Plaza on 17Dec2021

wife bought 2pax dinner @ sichuan douhua UOB Plaza on 17.12.2021 ^^

food was good standard 👍🏻

best dish for us was 蒜泥白肉, perfect texture of poached thin belly slices no porky taste & excellent sauce marinade

soup was very good too if not better than other places

the seafood crispy puff rice 锅巴had great ingredients- 3 huge prawns 3 scallops & several sliced fish ..this style of preparation not my favourite though..thin gluey very sweet soup ..I prefer tasty stock …& everything including vegetables seem to be soaked with sugar..

the Korean stone pot beef great caramelised onions & good taste but beef was totally tenderised super artificial

the vegetable basket was good standard

the hasma was a big serving 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

wife took my puer lady cocktail and it was 1 for 1 so she took another old fashion (with coconut and 八宝茶)

very good dinner though the 2 main dishes not quite our palate..will order other dishes next time

c.h.e.f andy


Sichuan Douhua @ UOB Plaza 2


80 Raffles Place #60-01, #1 UOB Plaza, 048624



Opening hours:


Early Birthday for OPS Bro HC $23.80pax Alacarte Buffet @ Tasty Loong Link Hotel on 16Dec2021

early birthday for OPS bro hak chong 🎊🎉🎈🎂

$23.80pax alacarte buffet @ tasty loong link hotel on 16.12.2021.^^

crispy 油浸金目鲈 best, very good not enuf sauce

assam patin good

whelk with pickles good

kurobuta char siew (one serving only) very good

herbal prawns very good

fan scallops, eggplant 鱼香茄子, lala, 流沙包,豆沙锅饼good

lobster balls, sharksfin, chap chye (this teochew muay dish doesn’t make sense here), 杨枝甘露(10% of the real thing), jelly, yeemeen, beef all below par 不吃也罢

steamed pork ribs, chicken feet, braised duck inedible worst than coffeeshop dimsum..I think worst I ever had

service good..

$150 for 5pax..carpark was $10.50 luckily we got 3 free carpark for 3 cars

c.h.e.f andy


Tasty Loong @ Link Hotel


50 Tiong Bahru Rd, #01-04, Singapore 168733



Opening Hours: