2pax Lunch with Lisa @ Tippling Club Tanjong Pagar on 28Oct2022

wonderful 2pax lunch with Lisa today @ tippling club tg pagar on 28.10.2021.^^

one of the best lunches I had. 🙂

every dish was good..distinctive and delicious great combination of flavours..

we added a kagoshima wagyu $40supplement to share..it was quite sublime..

I can have one by myself haha! there were lots of food though..

Japanese musk melon was soaked in alcohol…we felt a bit wasted…as its expensive fruit so very sweet and doesn’t need process or augmentation…that’s just personal preference. lol! 🙂

place was well patronised for lunch during these covid times…about 75% tables take up..

service was professional. & they provided a birthday cake…

we had a great lunch …

c.h.e.f andy


Tippling Cub


38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461




Opening Hours:

daily (closed sunday)12–10:30pm

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