Homecooked Dinner for Lisa’s Brother and Sis, EH & PG on 30Jan2022

made family dinner for wife’s brother & sis chin keong and yue sin, eng hin, bing gui on 30.1.2022^^

today dinner menu

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. 白斩鸡
  3. thai basil squid
  4. char siew aussie prime ribs
  5. 金银蒜蒸鳕鱼steamed cod
  6. claypot tanhoon prawns
  7. stirfried spinach

this year had to have smaller, separate CNY get togethers, this one a day before CNYEve..

good to see bing gui enjoying the dishes…don’t see him often..now he graduated from Geelong Deakin University and working on some technical marketing for offshore supply company…

c.h.e.f andy


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