Recipe = Delicious 重庆烤鱼 on 6Nov2020


tried 重庆烤鱼this evening on 6.11.2020.^^.

very tasty very nice!

did for brother 2 weeks back using halibut..

today used leftover seabass head..


  1. fry the fish
  2. boil bamboo shoots for 1 hr till tender, succulent water reduced, set aside
  3. fry ginger onions, garlic, spring onions, coriander, add bamboo shoots
  4. add 4 tbsp 老干妈 mala chilli sauce, 1 tsp sugar. add 150ml chicken stock.
  5. boil, add back fish, cover & cook for 6-10mins depending on size of fish till cook & sauce reduced

very enjoyable delicious 重庆烤鱼, not the standards of restaurants for sure..still very enjoyable!^^

c.h.e.f andy


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