Lovely, Yummy Dinner at A & KC Place on 30Oct2020

black bean sauce fish head with bittergourd

A & KC hosted 6pax dinner at home on 30.10.2020. ^^..

their helper irene made excellent oven roasted pork ribs and bittergourd fish head ..

that was the best oven baked prime ribs i have taken. KC bought the expensive ribs from huber dempsey, and & trial tested the dish with irene, essence of a good chef…ribs were very meaty and fork tender and because it was very good ribs with good marbling it was not chunky but very tasty..excellent marinade…

the fish head also excellent, very meaty and tasty and flavourful, excellent dish.

plus 2 nice vegetable dishes – prawn chap chye and prawn asparagus.

I contributed a wine chicken dish. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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