CNY Day One 8pax Family Dinner on 25Jan2020

this chinese new year, we decided to have homecooked dinner. 🙂

CNY DAY 1 年初一8pax family dinner inc aunty bes on 25.1.2020.^^

wife made pan fried usa prime ribeye, always good.

I made-

  1. kani konabe – jap crabmeat claypot rice
  2. capellini alio olio
  3. hay smoked chicken (10mins stove 20mins 200degC oven) – recipe here

trying to model esora’s kani konabe…

rice was flavourful..son liked it…need an even tastier stock..canned crabmeat excellent when son made crabmeat pasta…doesn’t seem to come out best in this to figure out a bit.. this the first time..can experiment further.

capellini alio olio was good with truffle sauce and extra virgin olive oil, modelling 8picure. this was a huge serving, taste far better than the presentation.. can never match 8picure but good enough la..

hay smoked chicken was pretty good too…(recipe here)

good smoke & flamed flavours and very tender too, also modelling esora hay smoked pigeon.

c.h.e.f andy

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