My OPS Bro WT bought 4pax Curry Chicken Noodles @ Ah Heng Queen Street on 16Dec2019

curry chicken noodles

ah heng queen street S$6 curry chicken noodles

my RI bro fetched me 8.50am to mt e orchard.

afterwards we went to ah heng curry chicken noodles at queen street bugis..CL & my OPS bro WT joined us 11am. WT bought lunch.

1st time trying this stall..chicken today one of the best very sweet & tender even better than hong lim..gravy & chilli also good like hong lim.

i tried a subsequent time same time at about 11am…was ok but more like hong lim…the bowl for S$6 was much smaller though, so on balance i will still go to hong lim

we had coffee at waterloo side killiney road kopitiam & walking back about 12.30pm there was a snaking long queue.

c.h.e.f andy



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