Excellent Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Lunch Omakase just too expensive! @ Hachi on 18Dec2019

2pax jap wagyu omakase lunch with wife @ hachi on 18.12.2019.^^

excellent jap wagyu omakase as before just lots more expensive, like 50% more!

uni seaweed kakiage becomes hotate….cheaper ingredient still excellent preparation and nice dish.

large oyster sashimi

oyster with ponzu jelly

oyster with ponzu jelly good as before, fabulous for the eyes and delicious!

miyazaki A5 sukiyaki konabe still very good. tasty marbled wagyu, very nice!

sashimi is REALLY quite poor standard for this price of omakase! and c/w what was served previously…

we had a complimentary dish, i think it was hotaruika firely squid which was in season.

chargrilled miyazaki A5 wagyu was superb!

wagyu sushi best, just incredible!

overall standard still very very good. will come back some time..

we did go back a month back, but it was not as good and really expensive, oyster had shrunk, though the wagyu beef dishes were still excellent.

not so motivated to go back now…

c.h.e.f andy


Hachi Restaurant

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