5pax RI Bros Lunch with QTC @ 8picure on 24Oct2019


my close RI bro QTC was a bit out of sorts today, missing a bus and slight detour when attending –

5pax lunch with RI bros @ 8picure on 24.10.2019.

chef Gabriel Lee came by had a long chat with us and took photo together

YKK remarked that the green pea poached egg soup was the best he had..

the meatballs pappardelle was good but not my preferred pasta..the alacarte pastas here are superb – alio olio, sakura ebi, & gamberro rosso (using amaebi)..i have not tried the uni pasta..

the french poulette was excellent, tasty and tender..

I had a single order french poulette with alio olio- just perfect and just S$16 inc coffee

QTC had 2 courses others had 3 courses..they all loved the tiramisu too 👍

c.h.e.f andy


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