9pax RI Bro Dinner Showcase NCL Curry Chicken & Harold’s Adobo Pork Dish on 1Oct2019

dinner dishes

our RI bro LCM organised a 9pax dinner for HCK’s 茶 chat group on 1.10.2019. ^^

unfortunately HCK has last minute overseas engagement & unable to join us this evening…

wonderful that CCG was able to join dinner….

the evening menu showcased-

1 adobo pork with egg and potatoes by H
2 curry chicken by NCL

& some calefare dishes by me to make up the numbers

3 nonya fish curry
4 nonya chap chye &
5 fried kang kong with gimson nonya sauce

copied from chong lee whatsapp –

Thanks, H for the adobo pork.

Thanks, LCM, for the wine.

Thanks, CCG, for the kuehs.

Thanks, JT, for the Olympics liquor and the baguettes .

Thanks, WWC, for the Chateraise jelly.

Thanks, LCH, for the grapes.

CL’s curry chicken

NCL’s curry chicken with prima paste good as usual. 🙂

there was plenty of curry so tasty can be more intense. that is a personal preference.

Harold’s adobo pork dish

Harold’s adobo pork dish

Harold’s adobo pork dish very tasty dish. i had like 3 helpings. liked the eggs and potatoes too.

everyone liked it. 🙂

fish head curry

my fish head curry the usual, with lots of vegetables.

nonya chap chye

nonya chap chye

nonya chap chye. this like my second time making this dish.

pretty good actually, quite delicious.

nonya sauce fried kang kong

nonya sauce fried kang kong


we also had LCM wine, JT’s own umeshu special brew, CCG’s kueh, Tolmas charteraise fruit jelly, and LCH’s grapes.

CL’s curry chicken

another fun dinner among old friends showcasing NCL’s curry chicken dish and Harold’s adobo ninoy cuisine.

must have more, surely!

c.h.e.f andy



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