7pax Retirement Study Group Graduation Dinner @ Ah Yat Grandstand on 2Oct2019

peking duck

had our retirement study group graduation dinner with Master Guru KWL @ ah yat grandstand on 2.10.2019. ^^

Ah Yat food consistently good and seafood especially, cheap and good. 🙂

excellent food & even better service..we gave S$30 tip..

we had –

2 steamed lobster superior stock very good S$29.80 each
2 claypot frogs with ginger scallions excellent S$4.50 each
2 gongbao frogs not that great S$4.50 each
2 pumpkin crabs excellent everyone liked it (2crabs for S$39.90)
& we ordered mantou to dip the sauce
S$40/kg 1kg patin with minced ginger was just perfect
$48 peking duck very so so plus S$15 for second eat beehoon (tasty)

complimentary red bean soup good too

& QTC brought very sweet alfonso mangoes

peking duck

peking duck ok, but only dish that was pedestrian and nothing special.

lobster steamed in superior stock

lobster steamed in superior stock

lobster steamed in superior stock consistently good.

just S$29.80 for each 650g live boston lobster (like S$75 at lobster and burger) and cooking was excellent. lobster fresh, sweet and tasty.

dinner dishes

claypot scallions ginger frog

claypot scallions ginger frog

and the bull frogs S$4.50 each, no much different from buying 3 for S$10 at supermarket!

claypot scallions ginger frog was excellent, very flavourful and delicious.

mala gongbao frog

mala gong bao frog less so, ok dish not the best…

2 crabs in pumpkin sauce

2 crabs in pumpkin sauce

bros all like the pumpkin sauce, something new to them.

2x500g crab for S$39.90. crabs were “toing” (strong), flesh filled the shells and sweet.

steamed minced ginger patin

steamed minced ginger patin

and i loved the patin.

my favourite dish. 1kg patin for S$40, just perfect

shredded duck braised with beehoon

shredded duck braised with beehoon

the second eat they charged S$15 i think. it’s ok la, tasty beehoon well infused.

but nothing special. 🙂

QTC brought alfonso mangoes.

and restaurant gave simple complimentary dessert – red bean soup – simple but very nice! 🙂

2 crabs in pumpkin sauce

HAB prepared the certificates which we all signed, and then it was presentation ceremony.

a thoroughly enjoyable retirement graduation dinner makan & chill!

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Yat Seafood @ Grandstand


#03-01/02, The Grandstand, 200Turf Club Road, 287994


+65 6884 6884
+65 68832112

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:30 – 14:30

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30

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