Excellent S$3 Wanton Mee @ Rong Ji Roasted Delights 荣记 on 24Sep2019

S$3 wanton mee

after delivering the 3 dishes for 40pax lunch at HCA this morning, we walked over to bendemeer fc and our RI bro LCM bought S$3 wanton mee lunch.

rong kee roasted delights

rong kee roasted delights

the stall looked exciting with roast duck and char siew hanging behind the glass shelves.

S$3 wanton mee

the wanton mee was delicious!

excellent char siew, qq noodles, very tasty chilli sauce.

i finished all the carbs which i rarely do, 3 wanton..

quite excellent for S$3!


the wanton was good too…

S$3 wanton mee

a really tasty treat for S$3…

we will be back the next time.

c.h.e.f andy


Rong Kee Roasted Delights 荣记



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