2nd HCA 3 Dishes 40pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 24Sep2019

curry chicken with potatoes

today is my 2nd40pax 3 dishes lunch for HCA hospice care patients on 24.9.2019 –

1 curry chicken
2 belly pork – my own special sauce
3 cabbage

my RI bro LCM came at 1040am helped me to ferry the food containers to HCA in my car..


this my second time doing forthrightly 40pax lunch for HCA..

feedback from previous lunch HCA asked to cook a bit more..

this was some difficulty because of wok size and transport..

this time I cooked about 3.6kg boneless chicken thighs, increase from 3kg last time, and 2kg belly pork from 1.6 kg..and 1.4 kg cabbage..

curry chicken with potatoes

they all loved the curry chicken!

braised belly pork

& belly pork was excellent, prefect texture, and my own special braise, so tasty & delicious! 🙂

fried cabbage

cabbage was sweet. they said quantity still not enough.

curry chicken with potatoes

curry chicken with potatoes

current chicken is simple to do.

just marinate 3.6kg cut boneless chicken thighs with 2 packet heng’s nonya curry paste overnight, fried with curry leaves, sliced ginger, minced garlic this morning, and added 400ml (2packets) coconut milk.

only logistic problem was the quantity took up the entire wok volume, and a bit tough for me to manage the quantity and cook with 6 cut potatoes to make sure curry, chicken, potatoes were done just right..

so i had to separate into 2 portions, wok and a deep pot. maybe better to cook 2 portions separately next time.

curry chicken with potatoes

anyway the results was great, and feedback was they loved the curry chicken.

chilled cooked belly pork

i boiled 2kg belly pork in bakuteh sacket 1hr 15mins, perfect tender texture, cooled down and put in chiller overnight.

chilled cooked belly pork

chilled cooked belly pork

and cut nice neat pieces.

the fried in work with lots of chopped garlic, 2tbsp fish sauce, 2tbsp oyster sauce, 1 heap tbsp corflour, 5 tbsp huadiaojiu ..

braised belly pork

wonderful taste and flavours..

1.5kg cabbage

1.5kg cabbage filled up the entire wok at the start of frying.

fried cabbage

feedback was not enough, so have to cook more next time.

curry chicken, braised belly pork, fried cabbage for HCA 40pax lunch

this first few rounds trial and error, managing the quantity and to make sure dishes turned out nicely.

dishes were all good, i am quite certain, and feedback consistently good.

just need to manage the cooking quantity and logistics.

a very satisfying day for me. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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