Bakuteh Prime Ribs @ Lao Ah Tee 老阿弟 on 12Sep2019

bakuteh prime ribs 

my RI bro LCM came over to help me transport 3 dishes to HCA for 40pax lunch on 12.9.2019.^^

afterwards we walked over to Lao Ah Tee 老阿弟 for bakuteh.

bakuteh prime ribs

bakute prime ribs

the place was super crowded ant 12.15pm.

we ordered the prime ribs.

luckily we only 2pax, and the bakuteh came immediately….

it was expensive S$10 for 2 ribs.

i guess to put in perspective, 1kg fresh prime ribs in sheng shiong usually S$21.95, and that’s about 10 pieces, so 2 pieces would be like S$4.50. so perhaps price justified.

i still enjoyed the prime ribs. very good, great taste and texture and tasty soup…

but really doing myself at home with ilc sachet just as good, and 45% the price.

c.h.e.f andy

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