Outstanding Service, Expensive Food @ Yan Ting 宴庭 at St Regis on 15Aug2019

S$28 sea whelk soup-chinese dobinmushi

went with wife to yan ting 宴庭 at st regis on 15.8.2019. ^^

first time here..find the food expensive just browsing yan ting’s online menu and it was!

yan ting 宴庭 at st regis

yan ting 宴庭 at st regis

yan ting 宴庭 at st regis

great ambience, and excellent superb service !!!

S$28 sea whelk soup-chinese dobinmushi

food very nice plating fine dining restaurant style, taste mediocre to above average…

best dishes were the sea whelk soup served in chinese dobinmushi (teapot soup) style and the aloe vera jelly dessert..

S$34 alaskan crab chawanmushi

alaskan crab chinese style chawanmushi looked beautiful tasted average..

S$28 roast duck

S$28 roast duck

roast duck NOT xin cuisine or tunglok standard or even dianxiaoer or JB standard..

S$48 chinese style beef tenderloin

chinese style beef tenderloin the usual good restaurant standard..like 50%-100% more than usual price!

S$38 sea perch

sea perch i think overcooked – just by looking & confirmed by texture..

S$12 aloe vera jelly

aloe vera jelly good standard, nice refreshing dessert.

2pax bill after 50% amex discounts – S$!20!

S$34 alaskan crab chawanmushi

we had amex love dining 50% discounts & bill for 2pax still came to S$120..ok i guess overall.

c/w xin cuisine, price here double & taste wise half as good!..xin cuisine food gave far better taste experience…& satisfaction!

only impressed with the outstanding service by every server, cheerful, polite and friendly, and the great ambience…

c.h.e.f andy





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