Not that Good Today Hup Seng Duck Rice on 16Aug2019

S$5.50 duck drumstick rice

had kopi & great chat with brother at clementi blk325 coffeeshop..

after that sent car for some repairs at sin ming autocity…need to wait till 3pm

had hup seng S$5.50 braised duck drumstick rice.

S$5.50 duck drumstick rice

S$5.50 duck drumstick rice

duck still good, but seems like not as good today.

for this time, i would say not as good as-

  1. chinatown braised duck at commonwelath crescent and
  2. happy duck at bukit merah view.

and certainly not as good as my own braised duck.

c.h.e.f andy


Hup Seng Duck Rice


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