Excellent Service, Good Food, Great Prices after Eatigo Discounts @ Tien Court on 19Aug2019

2pax lunch @ Tien Court 天厨

went with weng tong to tien court 天厨 at copthorn king havelock road

there is eatigo 50% discounts at 2pm..

unlike miramar peach garden the service staff here were excellent, very polite, friendly and professional..

and MOST IMPORTANT food was good!

crispy char siew pao

crispy char siew pao was good..crispy skin tasty filling..a tad too sweet..👍

crispy char siew pao

crispy char siew pao

i love this!

crispy fupeiquin

fupeiquin 腐皮卷 criispy not oily and good generous filling 🙂

tiger garoupa fillet 龙虎斑柳


tiger garoupa fillet 龙虎斑柳 came with good serving of asparagus and excellent wokhae better than most zichar..

3 egg spinach

3 eggs spinach lots of eggs and very tasty..

mixed roast platter

mixed roast platter

3 combination roast 烧味三拼only one not so good..

char siew ok a bit sweet, siew yoke good standard not the best,

roast duck good flavour but old..roast duck always need to order 1/2 duck otherwise they serve you leftovers and our lunch at 2pm so leftovers a bit dry and old

2pax lunch @ Tien Court 天厨

2pax S$54 cheaper than food court or zichar, got complimentary 1st hour parking coupon some more.

will come again la!

c.h.e.f andy


Tien Court Restaurant天厨



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