Recipe = Japanese Yakisoba on 9Aug2019

japanese yakisoba

today singapore national day = 8.9.2019.

wife traveling and children busy own programs.

sis, bil, and niece brought 2 grandnephews came visiting and stayed for dinner and watched national day parade..

niece & her 2 sons are vegetarian..

made claypot chicken rice, vegetarian yakisoba with shitake and shimeji mushrooms and mirin and tsuyu (soba sauce) 👍

also tofu & shitake mushrooms dish.

japanese yakisoba

niece keen to learn to cook some vegetarian dishes.

so i showed her how to make yakisoba, so easy right and delicious! 🙂

japanese yakisoba

just fry chopped garlic, some shitake and shimeji mushrooms.

i used 1/2 packet shimeji and 1/2 packet shitake.

add about 200g yellow noodles. add 1tbsp tsuyu and 1 tbsp mirin and taste.

i added less first, let niece taste herself so she decide how much she like.

garnished with coriander. and it’s done! voila! like 5 mins.

japanese yakisoba

noodles texture was perfect…

everyone loved the very tasty noodles. the 2 young ones had a great time too.

c.h.e.f andy

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