Recipe = Onsen Egg on 25Aug2019

onsen egg

made onsen egg on 25.8.2019. ^^

always take this wonderful egg dish at japanese buffet breakfast when staying in a ryokan in japan. they served with ponzu sauce and you just drink the whole cup. i would take 2 helpings.

for today as i was making the fish confit, i optimise the use of the oven and energy by making the onsen egg as well.

so i placed 4 eggs in water in a covered pot and placed in the 85degC oven for 1 hr..the water i added about 40% boiling water to tap water so hopefully about 60dedgC water temperature from the start.

onsen egg

when serving, crack egg and add 2tsp ponzu sauce. garnish with some chopped scallions.

needless to say, onsen egg was delicious!

c.h.e.f andy

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