Expensive Mediocre Food even with Eatigo 50% Discounts @ Peach Garden Miramar on 12Jun2019

roast pork

went with wife & sumin to peach garden miramar for 3pax dinner on 12.6.2019..

went peach garden becos there is eatigo 50% discounts..

however, unlike patara and indian curry house the 50% discounts at peach garden is NOT GENUINE!

they marked up the prices eg 1/2 roast duck S$48..peach garden is average food below xin cuisine, tunglok, imperial treasure etc nobody priced 1/2 roast duck S$48!

and server try to push soon hock at S$70/kg after 50% discounts..nobody sells soon hock at S$140/kg..

anyway their restaurant their prerogative..


better off with minimum 4pax alacarte buffet S$48pax MON-THURS 50% off which is their regular promotion NOT eatigo..

we ate few dishes no point wasting money here still comes to S$93nett for 3pax..

roast pork

surprisingly the roast pork was good actually..

wasabi prawns

wasabi prawns 

wasabi prawns so so, oily…

yuzu sea perch

steamed sea perch 

soy sauce steamed sea perch good, yuzu sea perch NOT great…

minced pork tofu

fish noodles 

minced pork tofu so so passable

and fish noodles so so not enough wok hae.

S$94 for 3pax 

i think S$94 for the cheap food we had was ridiculous especially with eatigo 50% discounts.

see my later 3pax dinner at xin cuisine just S$82 with top quality food.

roast pork

for this evening, i think only deserve 1 star…

anyway we had good family time together.

c.h.e.f andy


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