Delicious Taujeon Song Fish Head @ Eat First 食之為鮮 on 3Apr2019

taujeon song fish head  S$25

my OPS bro WM & wife J bought 4pax dinner @ 食之为鲜 eat first at siglap on 3.4.2019.^^

very good dinner..wife enjoyed the taujeon song fish head which she normally doesn’t like much by the usual black bean sauce preparation.

fish head very fresh, tasty and it was humongous  very meaty so though it was S$25 c/w with S$16 at other zichar or food centre, i think it was quite worthwhile.

this is easy to make. so i can do anytime.

watercress soup S$18

watercress soup S$18

watercress soup was excellent, like any good cantonese lie tong 例汤, loved it!

i took lots of watercress veg too, and the pork, very nice.

ginger chicken S$18

ginger chicken S$18

J decided to order ginger chicken instead of steamed chicken.

it had the special 酸姜pickled ginger flavour, nice. the meat was a bit on the tough side…

most chicken preparation in restaurants and zichar, even like in shoon huat at sentosa, JB, are overcooked and not tender. otherwise i duess a competent dish.

salted fish minced pork S$18

salted fish minced pork the usual, nice dish, quite big serving, also quite ex at S$18.

didn’t feel it was better than my home preparation.

prawn tofu S$18

prawn tofu S$18

prawn tofu was the usual, though J felt that it was not good as before.

tofu was well infused and great texture, and prawns and sauce were good.

also not so different from my home preparation..i think my tofu quality not as good, the inside not as smooth, maybe will try out egg tofu or other silken tofu…my prawns and sauce just as good.

S$104 for 4pax dinner

taujeon song fish head

4pax dinner was S$104 nett, no service and GST. charge for water and tea same S$1.

we had a really fun dinner together and enjoyed the delicious dishes, especially the taujeon fish head and watercress soup.

c.h.e.f andy


Eat First 食之為鮮




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