Below Par Food @ Summer Pavilion Ritz Carlton on 14Feb2019


wife invited to a  bank CNY dinner = 2 tables at summer pavilion at ritz carlton on 14.^^

for the last many years, i cooked valentine dinner for wife on valentine’s day, and we would go a nice place for dinner on another day.

so in 2018 i made chorizo lobster, roasted miso cod, grilled scallops for wife on 14.2.2018

and lobster in superor, stock steamed turbot and mini pencai etc on 14.2.2017..

(it does not make sense to us like to pay double and get 1/2 the food quality and service outside on such public!)..


we started with lohei for prosperity since we are still in the chinese new year period.

on our table 2 young men who cam with their parents-the younger a 3-handicapper golf coach & his elder brother doing an online fashion portal sourcing from hangzhou & guangzhou..

suckling pig

must be a really expensive dinner this, at a place like summer pavilion, but standard of food below par..suckling pig ok, soup ok, scallop poor, crabmeat broccoli so so…

really true during festive season food cost double & taste 1/2 as good..service inside the private rooms ok

this the 片皮 style not our preferred 南乳…anyway it was good standard and the meat which was served as a second course was good too.

for me this was the only par standard dish for a atas restaurant like summer pavilion.

soup with lobster

soup was ok but with ingredients like lobster to produce a mediocre dish, i think much below par.

scallops and sea cucumber

scallops done like with xo sauce, for me a waste of good ingredients. and served with sea cucumber which was well done.

crabmeat and broccoli

crabmeat with broccoli ordinary…and ordinary here means not very good la…

birds nest

almond birds nest ok…

pineapple tarts and niangao

pineapple tarts and niangao for the CNY occasion, done nicely nothing to talk about really.

for me, this dinner is below par and likely cost an arm and leg!

c.h.e.f andy


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