Recipe = Braised Noodles with Seafood on 17Oct2018

braised noodles with seafood

i had some tasty, intense chicken stock in the fridge.

(i usually made by boiling chicken bones with carrots for like 4-5hrs with some salt, reduced to a very tasty, intense stock).

decided to make a braised hk egg noodles with excellent chicken stock, very tasty, with prawns & snake head fillet on 17.10.2018. ^^

my prawns were frozen prawns, and snakehead fillet i had some leftvoers.

braised noodles with seafood

the egg noodles, i boiled a small portion and drained.

then fried cut chilli padi, chopped spring onions and added chopped garlic, then added stock and reduced.

then added prawns and then sankehead fillet (both marinated with fish sauce and white pepper), cooked and reduced further.

braised noodles with seafood

braised noodles with seafood

then off fire, added noodles and tossed, haha like pasta. and added my magic umami ingredient, the crispy chilli.

braised noodles with seafood

such a welcoming, yummy braised seafood noodles.

c.h.e.f andy

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