Delicious Grilled Trout Unedible Pasta @ Gostisce Vancar on 18Sep2018 3pax Family Holiday 15-21Sep2018

bovec town

the apartment proprietor told us 3 dining places along a street at bovec town centre, and also the restaurant vancar opposite our apartment wallace.

we went out 7pm + first to try the eating places at bovec town..nothing there.

martinov HR @ bovec town

walked past martinov HR @ bovec town, which looked more like a place which served proper dinner. it was full & the servers were pretty rude. i guess they were full and didn’t need to entertain anyone.

the we drove about 7mins to boka wine & snack bar at hotel boka but it was closed. it was like a guest house & maybe not much business so they didn’t serve dinner.

gostisce vancar – delicious grilled trout

we got back to our apartment, to the restaurant opposite gostisce (guesthouse) vancar..

surprisingly there was a large alfresco dining area and a good dining crowd.

the trout dish 2 trout €15 was good. later i saw it had good reviews and other diners had written about the grilled trout.

the trout was fresh & sweet and very much better than pod skalco at bohinj, and there were 2 fish for €15.

gostisce vancar  – viennese schnitzel breaded veal cutlet

we didn’t know what else to order so tried the viennese schnitzel.

we generally less enthused with breaded stuff. this was quite ok though. 🙂

gostisce vancar  – seafood pasta???? not edible

the so called seafood pasta??? though was quite unedible!!

this was the singular only pasta we came across in slovenia & later amalfi coast that was not al dente! a really really bad pasta & the seafood sauce was like a canned sauce – like bolognese style with hardly seafood.

no other word to describe than unedible!

bill €40.80

gostisce vancar – delicious grilled trout

the bill bill €40.80 was the usual in slovenia palces we went to.

at least the trout was very good, and the viennese schnitzel was good.

c.h.e.f andy


Gostisce Vancar



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