Always Good 盐水鸭 Lunch at Benson Duck then 光明山 Pay Respect on 30May2018

4pax 盐水鸭 lunch

went with sis, SL (my brother YS’s old buddy from primary school) & her son LS to have 4pax 盐水鸭 lunch at benson duck this morning on 30May2018. ^^

(SL & her son LS came my place for 4pax dinner recently on 10.3.2018). 🙂

i ordered 1 duck (S$32), tapao 1/2 & served 1/2 for 4pax.

also ordered S$8 fish maw pig innard soup, and they served us a S$5 large plate 金龙菜, a malaysian chives now quite popular that is tender like yellow chives…

great lunch, S$30.50 for 4pax.

after lunch i sent LS to his office at toa payoh lor 1 near bradell mrt, then we went to 光明山 to pay respect as today is my mother’s death anniversary 忌日..

half 盐水鸭

half 盐水鸭

i brought the half 盐水鸭 back for wife. she & son enjoyed it though not as much as i do.

c.h.e.f andy


Benson Salted Duck 盐水鸭

Opening Hours:

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