Perfect Bakuteh on 29May2018

excellent bakuteh

made one of the best bakuteh using frozen prime ribs from sheng shiong on 29.5.2018. ^^

I chose the fatty ribs…it was really tasty & perfect texture & bite..better than all the bkt i had outside! almost la! lol! 🙂

these are prime ribs, with very good layer of fat in between the meat. though it was not the full length 龙骨 (dragon rib), it was the part near the bone, not so chunky with lean meat & having the fat layer. quite perfect actually..

bkt spices 

i use the 30g ilc spice packet. i think this the most common & cheap spice packet that all my friends used.  added 1 whole bulb of garlic cloves…

excellent bakuteh 

it’s good for 1kg ribs. i had 700g+ ribs. soup was perfect all came together very nicely.

excellent bakuteh

soup etc always good. today’s bkt was exquisite, especially good because of the perfect texture & bite, of course that because of the ribs & the timing (which is my usual 50mins to 1hr..decide by taste).

when you bite into the meat, it was bouncy, moist, no need to tear, good bite, no fray, just the texture i wanted.

c.h.e.f andy


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