Shakshouka – Wife made Wonderful Lunch on Vesak Day on 29May2018

wife’s shakshouka

Lisa made nice Shakshouka for 6pax family lunch today on 29.5.2018. ^^

son made a very good scrambled eggs.

& we had the flavourful chorizo which my RI bros bought for me from bilbao spain during their recent trip…

home shakshouka lunch 

simple & nice lunch…

jamon iberico from bilbao spain

jamon iberico was really good, so “pang” ie flavourful…

chorizo from bilbao spain 

and so the chorizo, very flavourful also…

son’s scrambled eggs

& son made a very good scrambled eggs..

grilled sweet corn + daughterbught nice bread …

daughter went to get some bread from next to queens road food centre..& wife grilled sweet corn, excellent with gourmet butter applied & oven grilled.


avocado a good complement…

wife’s shakshouka

shakshouka was very good…wife said not as good like last time. i said it’s becos she did not add chorizo & more cumin to the shakshouka becos this time daughter joining lunch & she didn’t want the meat flavours in the shakshouka…

c.h.e.f andy

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