Best Coffee @ Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee on 13Feb2018

flat white 

LKY & TKF came for T-rex bkt lunch today on 13.2.2108.^^

i added a bit of kongbak with mushrooms & fried kang kong. 🙂

today bkt ok, not among my best renditions like here =…/13/best-prime-ribs-bakuteh-on-7feb2…/

after that we went to tiong hoe at stirling street for a nice cuppa 👍 good recommendations by LKY. one of the best coffee i had.

the flat white was excellent! the latte art & microfoam was perfect & made the coffee silky smooth, and flavoir of the coffee was simply wonderful.

you just have to walk past or be near the shop, and the wonferful coffee flavour wafted through the air, felt energised already la! ^^

pour over

pour over 

LKY got the pour over.

i asked the barrista…they agreed the flavour of pour over is less intense, c/w the 15-20bar pressure machine, but it is pure, and clear fragrance…

tiong hoe specialty coffee 

you can buy the specialty coffee beans.

the one the used for the regular latte, cappuccino, piccolo latter & flat white is about S$48/kg, still cheaper than the S$65 lavazza from culina!

tiong hoe specialty coffee

very nice ambience, relaxing, great aroma, quite perfect for conversation & chill! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee


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