Very Expensive Bingsu @ Nunsongyee Korean Dessert Cafe on 1Feb2018

4pax OPS Bros bingsu

after our nice homecooked donburi dinner, we decided to go get some dessert.

WT suggested bingsu at nunsongyee korean dessert cafe at 9 yuk tong ave on 1.2.2018. ^^

nunsongyee korean dessert cafe

nice modern clean ambience, open 24hrs.

WM & WT @ nunsongyee korean dessert cafe

WT @ nunsongyee korean dessert cafe

we ordered the 2 featured signature premium bingsu – black sesame & choco banana.

black sesame bingsu

quite nice, both of them, but i not much wowed over…

black sesame bingsu

red beans nice & sweet, ice cream & ice shavings good flavours..

choco banana bingsu

choco banana bingsu

choc banana also nice.

HC bought 2 bingsu share by 4pax for S$32..

it was fun for us just to chill after a nice home dinner…

but really overall experience & enjoyment, i didn’t find it better than adam road S$2 ice kachang or four seasons S$2 chendol..they are different of course but the S$2 dessert gave me more satisfaction than the S$16 one albeit the S$16 portion is enuf for 2pax sharing…

c.h.e.f andy



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