2pax Lunch with Dutch Friend @ Porta Park Hotel Clarke Quay on 14Nov2017

2pax lunch @ porta

my dutch friend is in singapore…

we had a great lunch & chat, lots of catching up at porta..on 14.11.2017. ^^

afterwards my friend bought coffee ..we were lazy decided to just sit at the al fresco area still at porta..coffee was expensive at $8++pax

2pax lunch @ porta

my friend is 10yrs older than me. he is retired, back in holland, and visits sngapore once a year.

we always meet up for makan.

squidink seafood pasta S$20

there is a UOB 1 for 1 main course & pasta promotion, which require reservations by phone or via chope online. 🙂 so the cheaper main course/pasta is free. 🙂

squidink seafood pasta S$20

we shared the 2 pastas – a squidink seafood pasta.

prawn & chorizo linguine S$22

and a prawn .& chorizo linguine S$22.

both were very good indeed, a good restaurant pasta standard.

grilled norwegian salmon S$22

my dutch friend always takes fish. so i was guessing salmon for lunch.

grilled norwegian salmon S$22

i did not try the salmon. but it looked perfectly charred, and with good mash & sides. 🙂

iberian pork secreto medium well S$26

for myself i had the iberian pork secreto, medium well per chef recommendations.

a big helping. i gave my dutch friend couple pieces.

iberian pork secreto medium well S$26

it’s an excellent main. iberico pork had good marbling & great flavours, and it was done very well, tender & moist.

so with UOB 1 for 1, 2pax lunch was just S$48++ for 4 dishes, basically each having a pasta & a main.

hard to beat that in terms of value for money & quality!

c.h.e.f andy


Porta @ Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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