Xing Ji Bakchormee 兴记肉搓面,Fengshan Food Centre & Fun Evening on 9Apr2017

xing ji bakchormee 兴记肉搓面

went with 3 RI friends to fengshan market on 9.4.2017.

this the second time I havingxing ji bakchormee 兴记肉搓面 (& with the same group of friends), the famous soupy bakchormee which won the SPH inaugural hawker master award 2011.

my first time was actually almost 3years ago on  13.7.2014 when I checked, din realise it’s so long ago, must take this more often la…


the noodles still good, though we thought somehow it was not as good as we expected, though it was difficult for me to really recall the taste from 3 years ago.

the soup & generous minced pork serving still good, and I thought I t was less 清 today, the noodles looked quite the same when I looked at previous photos. it was still al dente & stringy, somehow seemed less of an impression.

anyway still a nice enjoyable light nourishing bowl of goodness. but I probably prefer the regular bakchormee, like the jalan tua kong meepork tar near my place.


maybe I will also try the neighbour stall next time to compare. & talking about this there was a soup bakchormee stall at sin min road corner coffeeshop wife & I used to go 30yrs+ ago, maybe I should try that too if it is still there….

fengshan food centre stalls

good crowd & traffic at 6.30pm+

fengshan food centre stalls

& many stalls looking good, so I should be coming here again..

chong pang chicken wings

we had some bbq chicken wings. my friend ordered it. he later told me it was NOT from this chong pang stall.

bbq chicken wings

chicken wings were good – tasty, charred not burnt or overcooked/tough.

bbq chicken wings

chicken was good too. and a bit of lime did the trick.


friend ordered 8 otah for 4pax.


nice otah too…not my favourite food, so I took one.

ngor hiang – S$6

I decided to add some ngor hiang.

picked 4 items for $6 – the crispy thing, fish cake, a ngor hiang & a you cha kuay.


I liked all of them. fish balls were tasty, ngor hiang great skin & tasty, tender fillings. you char kuay was good & the crispy thing was the best!

eastern anchorage & ECP night view

afterwards we went to our friend’s condo & had a fun AV evening.

eastern anchorage & ECP night view

a nice view of ECP & the eastern anchorage from his 29th storey condo.

c.h.e.f andy


Xing Ji Bakchormee 兴记肉搓面


85 Bedok North Street 4, Singapore 460085, #01-07

Fengshan Food Centre


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