Poor Coffee OK Cakes @ Carpenters & Cook on 15Jun2016

passiona fruit meringue tart & earl grey lavendar loaf

passion fruit meringue tart & earl grey lavendar loaf

today a good friend’s birthday on 15.6.2016. ^^

we were wishing happy birthdays on whatsapp. then another friend offered his chauffeur driven service on his new car. & they decided to drop by my place. not exactly sure how that worked out. 🙂

mao shan wang 猫山王 & tawa from ah seng

mao shan wang 猫山王 & tawa from ah seng

anyway i happened to be at ah seng to check on the reservations for a 20jun durian party. it was kind of complicated. ghim moh market closed for cleaning on 20, 21jun so a friend reserved the durians on 19jun. some of us wanted to hedge a bit rather than getting all the durians one day earlier & kept in the fridge so decided to 1/2 the orders. evidently too complicated for ah seng also so just as well i went to check & got the numbers right.

anyway ah seng has 2 deliveries at 1.30pm & 5.30pm. i was there at 1.45pm & all mao shan wang 猫山王were sold out only left 1 already vaccum packed. i figured it was the ok leftovers saved from not so good durians??

anyway ah seng himself got me to buy 2 tawas (S$19 for 2 fruits) & WTH i just buy the last packet S$25 also. 🙂

so these 2 friends came to my house & we had some durians. fortunately both the mao shan wang 猫山王 & tawa (bitter & very tasty not as creamy as MSW) were very good. these 2 too kek ki insisted on leaving for my family so we didn’t eat much though.

passiona fruit meringue tart

passion fruit meringue tart

we went nearby for coffee. decided on carpenters & cook as assembly coffee closed & one friend had tried dutch colony before.

i ordered the tea for 2 S$19.50 which included 2 cakes.

the server recommended the passion fruit meringue tart.

earl grey lavendar loaf

earl grey lavendar loaf

& the earl grey lavendar loaf. & we had 2 flat white. she said it was S$3 cheaper to get the combo, & it was!

& added a cappuccino.

the last time i came was a year ago on 10.4.2015. i thought the coffee was ok.

but today my flat white was very poor. very dilute not much aroma & not smooth, silky, velvety like a good flat white should be in the other coffee places. i am never taking coffee here again!

later 3 more friends came to join coffee.

the friends were divided on the cakes. some prefer the tart & some the earl grey loaf. the earl grey flavour was good. i too generally prefer a tart to a pound cake. the passion fruit meringue tart was a bit too sweet.

lemon meringue cake & chocolate tart

lemon meringue cake & chocolate tart

i bought some cakes back for my daughters. the chocolate tart was very good. the lemon meringue was again too sweet. of the 4 i think the chocolate tart was the best.

for me coffee was priority so not good coffee then not coming again la.

c.h.e.f andy


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