Special Italian Dinner for My RI Buddies on 18Feb2016

#1 spanish omelette

#1 spanish omelette

made one of my best dinners for my RI buddies on 18.2.2016. ^^

i had wanted to do the dinner the following week as this week a close friend is traveling in wakayama, but wife is busy. she will be traveling the following weekend so we made it last evening.

it was a small group, just 3 friends. my jogging buddy came with his wife & son. they recommended a carpenter which did some really nice furniture for us. awesome! 🙂

tittot 疏园

tittot 疏园

they also brought a wine & beautiful gift. ^^

i did the spanish omelette very well this time, very tasty & nicely layered inside with potatoes & onions. a simple to do & great appetizer.

the cream of carrots soup was wonderful this evening. i had lots f vegetables (red capsicum, celery, yellow onions, tomatoes) in addition to carrots & also added prawn head/shell stock. there was also brandy & thickened cream.

an excellent, very smooth & tasty soup. several friends had a second helping.

the squid-ink spaghetti was again par excellence!

distinct squid ink flavor, qq al dente pasta, succulent not chewy squid done just right, and nicely creamy with butter added when tossing. one of my best for this evening.

the prawn spaghetti too. i am doing it better these days.

recently i did a great pasta & steak lunch for my friends on 15.12.2015. ^^

a key to make tasty pasta is to ad good stock (chicken or vegetable) & reduced so its more tasty & intense, and of course al dente pasta

#5 roasted vegetables ratatouille

#5 roasted vegetables ratatouille

the roasted vegetables was my first. i had yellow onions, celery, red capsicum, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, japanese cucumber, eggplants, sprinkled liberally with sea salt & coarse black pepper & 2 tbsp olive oil, then 250degC oven for 30mins.

#5 roasted vegetables ratatouille

#5 roasted vegetables ratatouille

it was very good. my friend’s wife commented “very sweet”.

my friend’s wife & son don’t take beef, so i had a last minute addition, grilled chicken thighs with thai yellow curry sauce.

this was something i recreated after busaba’s excellent grilled chicken green curry fried rice.

i served this numerous times including for 30+pax lunch for my duaghter’s party last year.

#7 grain fed wagyu MBS4/5

#7 grain-fed wagyu MBS4/5

recently i adapted a new steak preparation after a friend sent me a video.

this preparation involved put the steak ( iused a wagyu ribeye) in a 55/60degC oven for 2 to 3 hrs, then searing in high heat to produce the maillard reaction.

#7 grain fed wagyu MBS4/5

#7 grain-fed wagyu MBS4/5

i must say it consistently produced a very intense flavoured (“pang”) steak. it actually works better with a more marbled steak as the low temperature cooking helped to reduce some fat which flavours the meat & also has the effect of accelerated aging to produce more intense flavours.

#8 cut peaches

#8 cut peaches

the peaches this evening were soft & sweet, very good!

i made a banoffee pie. it was quite good, great combination of bananas with a very thin caramel layer over the biscuit base & freshly whipped cream on top.

this cake though is not my wife’s favourite nor mine either, but we had tiramisu too many times lately so i did this for a change.

eleven madison park - the cook book

eleven madison park – the cook book

a friend, owner of a top architect firm, dropped by for coffee & cake. he brought us a book – “eleven madison park – the cookbook”!

we all had a wonderful evening, nice chit chat & watching oldies on yotube – stylistics, bee gees, 3 degrees & also the recent ones – john legend, ed sheeran, sam smith..

c.h.e.f andy

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