Good Thai Food Good Value @ Nakhon AMK on 3Jul2015

green curry beef

green curry beef

a friend arranged lunch at nakhon @ AMK on 3.7.2015.^^

nakhon @ AMK2

nakhon @ AMK

it’s nice & airy at corner of blk 529 AMK ave 10. there were tables orderly set at a cover extended area w/o encroaching on the walkway.

queue at 12.10pm

queue at 12.10pm

my friend was there 10mins early to get a table. i was there at 11.55am. nakhon starts lunch at 12pm.

a queue started to build up almost immediately.

queue at 12.40pm

queue at 12.40pm

by the time we finished lunch, queue was 10+ long.

pandan chicken

S$6 pandan chicken

my friend ordered 4 dishes. we ordered a S$3 red ruby to share afterwards.

the pandan chicken was not bad for S$6.



lots of sauces, i only used the sweet thai chilli for the pandan chicken.

tom yam talay

S$6 tom yam talay

my friend loved the clear tom yam talay (seafood). his whole family adored this dish.

tom yam talay2

S$6 tom yam talay

for me, i prefer the red tom yam. the prawn was ok, so maybe next time i will order tom yam gung.

cannot really compare this S$6 soup with patara’s which cost nearly 5x more.

pineapple fried rice

S$6 pineapple fried rice

i mostly do not take pineapple rice, kind of sweet. usually we take olive rice at patara.

pineapple fried rice2

S$ pineapple fried rice

for S$6, more than ok i think. 🙂

green curry beef2

S$8 green curry beef

i just loved the green curry. beef was fine, not tough, not the tenderised artificial texture, quite ok. i drank most of the curry.^^



red ruby was S$3. ordinary, which is good i guess.

pandan chicken with pineapple fried rice

pandan chicken with pineapple fried rice

i think this is really good authentic thai food. may not be the top restaurant or fine thai kind of food, but it is s authentic as any thai street food, comfort food or small restaurant/shop food. and the price is very reasonable, which accounts for the constant queue. well above average food at very good value prices.

will be back soon!

c.h.e.f andy

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