Homecooked Family New Year Dinner for 21pax on 29Dec2013

i started serious cooking since my first home cooked dinner for friends in mar2012. 🙂

most dinners were 10pax sit-down course dinners. i also did a home cooked buffet for 22pax in nov2012 for my RI friends. 2013 is a special year for us as my cohort of RI friends are 55, so i did 2 55ers homecooked buffet for 21pax & 27pax respectively, and another for 17pax friends.

all these while i had not actually cooked for my brother & his extended in-law family and also my sister, so the new year festive period is a good occasion to do.

on 29.12.2013, i did a 11-dishes homecooked buffet for 21pax for brother, sis-in-law family & my sister family.

it was a very enjoyable get-together. I did my now usual teochew braised duck, braised egg/taukua/taupok, miso belly pork, char siu, nonya curry chicken, white-cut chicken & garlic dry-wok prawns and my helper did steamed spicy bean sauce seabass, black bean pork ribs, vege dish & chilli so tong (squid).

all dishes were all great, though i broiled the char siu & miso pork a bit too long, but my son still finished the few leftovers the next day.

its really a great thing to cook. it brings people – family & friends – together for fun & relaxing fellowship & sharing, and it feels good, is enormously satisfying & gives a sense of fulfilment when i am able to reproduce food that are enjoyed by my guests. i am truly glad that i took up cooking. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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