Cheap & Good 3pax Lunch @ Havelock Food Centre on 12mar2015

yu mei mei shi red grouper fish soup

yu mei mei shi red grouper fish soup

went with sis & bio to havelock food centre today 12.3.2015 at 11.30am.^^

carpark was full. looked like >50% taxis. i circled almost 1 round. fortunately turnover was real quick! 🙂 taxis are moving out of lots just as quickly so we managed to park almost immediately.

i saw the fish soup was very popular the last time i came. so this time i ordered a S$6 red grouper soup. we were seated at the other side near to the turtle soup & kueh chap & the fish soup man said he could not serve us, so we had to collect. waited more than 15mins. maybe if you want fish soup it is better to sit near the stall. 🙂

there were about 6 pieces of red grouper fillet. grouper was very nice, fresh & sweet.

soup was very tasty with good savoury & seaweed taste.^^

i am not sure 6 pieces for S$6 was good or not. will try again next time, see if i was discriminated against or not, probably not. haha! 🙂

we ordered a S$10 havelock turtle soup. it was as good as the last time.  there was a lot of meat, gelatine pieces, innards, but no turtle leg. the soup was very tasty though maybe psychologically, we all thought it was by comparison more dilute than the intense soup at tan ser seng.

for me this really a very good turtle soup for the price!^^

we also had a S$6 kueh chap & S$1 for 2 large kueh.

it’s probably not expensive as it had quite a bit of kongbak (braised belly pork), big intestines & small intestines, and pig skin. the taste was also very good. not sure how to compare, but i guess this was quite a good kueh chap overall.

actually i did very good kueh chap myself so this one & others were competent but i guess nothing really standout-ish! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy