S$4 Mee Kia Tar @ Jln Tua Kong 6th Ave on 6Aug2016

$4 mee kia tar

$4 mee kia tar

went with wife to  jalan tua kong meepok tar @ 6th ave on 6.8.2016. ^^

last time i post about the stall was on 24.1.2016. 🙂

cannot find parking at 2pm, so went over to park at guthrie house. it charges by minutes – 4cts/mins 1st hour 2cts/min after, so 92cts for this time quite ok, no hassle. 🙂

$4 mee kia tar

$4 mee kia tar

this time we both took mee kia.

i think the thing special about jln tua kong’s mee kia tar is mainly the chilli.

chilli was just very tasty & had the kick. of course noodles was qq, al dente. 🙂

$4 mee kia tar

$4 mee kia tar

both of us did not finish our noodles, reduce carbs. i could have though, it was good, tasty.

this an enjoyable noodles for me at any time la…

c.h.e.f andy


Jln Tua Kong Mee Pok Tar

24 Sixth Ave, Singapore 276481

Good Good Eating House 好好餐室