Interesting Jap Vegetarian @ Teng Bespoke on 21Apr2016


radish salad

my niece (sis’ daughter) & her hubby bought dinner this evening on 21.4.2016. ^^

my niece & her husband are vegetarian…i did a 10-course homecooked vegetarian dinner for her birthday last year 2015.. 🙂

their baby is just past 6months, and it was a good occasion for family to get together & have a great time. the we had 7pax. we all took time carrying the baby & had lots of fun & laughter. 🙂

teng bespoke is located at sunshine plaza bencoolen street.

vegetarian is not my favourite. i was not expecting much, but it’s always good to try some new experience. reviews were mostly good. one review said to go for the “real” vegetarian stuff rather than expensive “mock sashimi” etc…seems like sound advise to me, and that’s what we did. & overall it was a very pleasant enjoyable dining experience, thanks to my niece! 🙂

the radish salad was a great start. 🙂

salad was refreshing & good for 7pax. we ate it like lo hei…toss around..haha!

the goma (sesame) sauce was light & quite perfect. radish was crunchy. we were saying it felt like turnip didn’t feel like daikon texture, but actually usually we had daikon cooked not in thin strips for sashimi garnishing, so this quite interesting variation.

black sesame yu tofu

black sesame yu tofu

didn’t think much of the black sesame yu tofu.

i not hot on yu tofu anyway. it’s like teochews eating fresh tofu with tau jeon kind of thing, which i quite like, but no need to pay much for that.

king mushrooms

king mushrooms

king mushrooms was one of the recommended dish. it was pretty good.

king mushrooms

king mushrooms

nice mushroom taste, good texture & great condiments.



niece ordered a nabe dish. there were like 5 or maybe 6 dumplings. pretty ok too.

soup was plain, good taste.

tomato spring rolls

tomato spring rolls

wife ordered a tomato spring roll. i like this wonderful dish, crispy skin, very tasty spring roll, simply excellent!

saw one comment on yelp – Tomato spring roll – probably the best spring roll I’ve had!

cheese croquets

mushroom tempura

niece ordered a mushroom tempura. it was very good too, not like the usual tempura at all, more like a korokke (croquette).

it was nice…i loved the cheese!

avogado maki

avocado maki

the avocado maki was ok, pretty good actually.

avogado maki

avocado maki

still i like the usual maki a whole lot better, so in the sense just like mock sashimi, i would rather have the real thing la… 🙂

it was a very enjoyable get together.

on their website, teng bespoke claim they are excellent alternative to shojin ryori (精进料理 temple devotion cuisine)..i don’t really know, have not tried in japan. they are too expensive & did not want to spend money on it. this may not be quite equivalent in class i think, but certainly enjoyable. i think i will come back & try other dishes la…

c.h.e.f andy

P.S. checked with niece..dinner was about S#110..i was expecting S$120 or higher…quite ok for the food. 🙂


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