Lisa Bought Lobster Omakase Birthday Dinner @ Douraku Park Regis on 26Oct2022

Lisa bought lobster omakase @ douraku at park regis on 26.10.2022.^^

photo with sous chef eddie

good service by jasmine.

complimentary sake so so still good accompaniment for dinner.

oyster shooter was great.

pitan tofu also nice but did not have snow crab as in menu.

lobster sashimi good, fresh and sweet but really small serving for 2pax for such a priced menu.

sashimi was thick & big cut…otoro and akami were rotate as in menu but replaced by sake belly and hamachi bother very good…

mini ikura uni don was excellent…uni was sweetened good serving…nego toro good…no lobster sushi as in menu…

no kurobuta as in menu..replaced by miso cod which was excellent and prawn which was bad…either not fresh but more likely poor preparation so prawn meat was mushy…not firm…

foie gras not the best…wagyu tagliata (sliced) should be better than saikoro (cubed) in menu..

somen was good tasty but not Japanese and not fusion, basically a good TungLok dish..

dessert jelly was nice but totally TungLok …chef eddie offer yuzu ice cream to make it more Japanese. lol!

service was good overall. some pointers to improve below-

douraku seating was bad in the concourse hallway like canteen, not ideal for this price omakase…we were going to not take the omakase & jasmine got us a proper table seating in TungLok restaurant.

I think its ok if change menu items however server should inform and explain..instead I asked why certain items on menu not served then chef Eddie came to explain…

we informed that it was birthday but restaurant didn’t offer anything…

c.h.e.f andy


Douraku Sushi (Beside TungLok Seafood)


23 Merchant Road Lobby Level, Park Regis, 058268



Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri11:30am–3pm6–10:30pm
Sat – Sun11am–3pm6–10:30pm

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